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      Mini Camera Module
      Mini Camera Module Mini Camera Module Mini Camera Module
      • Mini Camera Module

      • Type : SQ11 miniature camera module
      Mini Camera Module SQ11 Mini Camera Module

      詳細介紹 產品參數 產品配置 產品圖片 應用領域

                   Mini Camera  Module
                  Mini WIFI Camera  Module
                 SQ11 miniature Camera  Module
                  SQ8 miniature Camera  Module

      1. HD COMS module lens.
      2. Built-in microphone, support recording, video, and photo.
      3. Recording realizes real-time clock; synchronizes with product clock and has recording time indication.
      4. The sound is synchronized during video playback; recording is also performed while recording.
      5. The recording format defaults to 1920×1080P, 30 frames/second;
      6. Power on defaults to recording mode, power on/off. Video buzzer prompts;
      7. TF card can support 2GB~64GB

      Customized solution development according to customer requirements
      And mature and stable PCBA semi-finished products solution






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