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      AHD DVR Solution
      AHD DVR Solution AHD DVR Solution AHD DVR Solution AHD DVR Solution
      • AHD DVR Solution

      • Type : AHD DVR Module
      AHD camera AHD recorder Single AHD DVR Single AHD Micro Recorder AHD Mini Camera 720P_AHD Camera 1080P_AHD camera 720P_AHD recorder 1080P_AHD recorder Micro AHD camera solution

      詳細介紹 產品參數 產品配置 產品圖片 應用領域

      AHD camera                                    AHD recorder     
      Single AHD Micro Recorder             AHD Mini Camera
      720P_AHD Camera                         1080P_AHD camera
      720P_AHD recorder                       1080P_AHD recorder  module
      Micro AHD camera solution          Single AHD DVR
      AHD camera module                                    AHD recorder module  
      Single AHD  Recorder module             AHD Mini Camera module
      720P_AHD Camera module                        1080P_AHD camera module
      720P_AHD recorder module                       1080P_AHD recorder module
      Micro AHD camera solution module         Single AHD DVR module 

      1. Support single-channel 720P/1080P high-definition AHD/TVI/CVI module input;
           It can automatically recognize the input of 720P/1080P and record.
      2. Recording realizes real-time clock; there is also recording time indication.
      3. The sound is synchronized during video playback; recording is performed simultaneously during recording.
      4. The recording format is  1920×1080P, 30 frames/second;
                                                   1280×720P, 30 frames/second
      5. One way TV-OUT output
      6. Support loop coverage
      7. H.264 coding
      8.TF card can support 2GB~64GB
      9. Small size, easy to carry

      R & D, production and sales integration, support for customized services, such as customized customers can come to map, sample, processing customization
      Welcome to inquire: 18923477848 (WeChat with the same number)

      Customized solution development according to customer requirements








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