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FLAC to MP3 Converter is an application which as it name is suggesting can convert FLAC files into mp3 files. It has got a very simple interface which is very easy to navigate. The application is very easy to use and anyone with a little bit of computer knowledge can use it to its fullest. You can also download dBpowerAMP Music Converter . Batch processing enabled. Is there a way that I can just point a program to the master folder and have it convert all of the files in all of the subfolders? Reading / Writing (reference only) of wave BEXT ID Tags, bext tags are: Description, Originator, OrigReference, OrigDate, OrigTime, TimeReference, CodingHistory Vista: Popup info lines up better aligned Tag Editor (shell right click): Standard items are listed first, others alphabetically sorted, when adding new tag is a drop list of standard names Tag Editor: helper drop lists for year, track number + genre (remembers unique genres, saved in appdata) Popup info shows track number as 'Track' in line with rest of programs Switched Lame to NASM encoding, slightly slower, but more crash resistant (tried on > 1GB of audio) .mpeg added to decodable file types If encoding only one file, then multi cpu section is not created (so is not tied to a single cpu) CD Ripper title bar shows album name when ripping CD Ripper submission of meta data back to freedb and AMG Thank you! I am enjoying your product very much. It saves me so much time in my work where certain projects require large batch conversion of .WAV files to .WMA files. Previously my colleagues and I were doing this manually! FLAC to mp3 freeware application Home Page flac to mp3 converter free download iPad, iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPod, FR Book, Nokia, iRiver, Sony, Digma, Nook, BenQ, Kobo, Explay,CrossElec, boeye, PAGEone, WexLer, Zune, Archos.