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Limited to WMA to MP3 Free MP4 to AVI Converter Platinum On the other hand, Convert MP4 to MP3 doesn't let you configure any kind of audio settings (e.g. bit rate, sample frequency rate, channels, volume), change program settings (e.g. enable the tool to automatically overwrite files with the same names), specify the output file names or clear the entire file list. Next go to the Output section at the bottom of the window. Here you set different options like what to do if the output file already exists, where the output folder is located, whether to preserve the original folder structure and what to do with the source files after the conversion process. For converting mp4 to mp3, be sure to select .mp3 in the Output format box. In addition, you can specify the quality of the output. The default setting is Near CD Quality (128 kbit/s) but you can change that if you want. Even more settings are behind the Settings button. This is where you can set the mode, quality, sample rate, bit rate and filtering. Convert music to mp3 free windy have a peek at this site convert music to mp3 free Tell us your experience with Convert MP4 to MP3 1.1 The Wav . Mp4 . Ogg . APE . FLAC . AAC normalization and test is fulfilled on a peak level (Peak Normalization) and on an average level (RMS normalization). The Mp3 normalization and test is fulfilled on an average level (RMS normalization).