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            Shenzhen Xinlian Development Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional high-definition video products and solutions development supplier with embedded design as the core.
               With the HiSilicon solution,  Mstar solution, Novatek solution, Generalplus solution, Sunplus solution, Generalplus Solution,Syntek solution, Ambarella solution, and other semiconductor company's cooperative design developers;
              Provide A12, A7LA70D, NT96658, NT96655, NT96650,NT96660, NT96663, MCS8328P, MCS8328Q,MSC8336, MSC8339D,Hi3516A, Hi3516D, Hi3518E, Hi3520D, Hi3531Hi3521, Hi3519, Hi3559 and other program development and design
           Can do 1440P, 1080P, starlight level night vision car wide-angle driving recorder program development; HD 720P, 1080P network WIFI camera solution; 4K aerial photography, 1080P 60fps aerial image transmission DVR solution; license plate recognition solution; intelligent traffic Scheme; face recognition solution and other mature and stable solutions